Vaginal Gel

NEOCLORIL- H is a vaginal gel which has an antiseptic and soothing action against inflammatory processes. It protects vaginal mucosa from harmful influences of pathogens, exogenous and endogenous preventing proliferation.
NEOCLORIL- H After the application, forms a film that allows the ingredients to adhere to the vaginal wall and make their action; at the same time, creates an effective “barrier effect” against attacks potentially source of inflammation and/or infection.
NEOCLORIL- H does not interfere with the action of Lactobacilli that exercise their development activity characteristic of nonpathogenic vaginal flora.
NEOCLORIL- H it is a medical device, classified and produced with the requirements of Directive 93/42/EEC.


INDICATIONS FOR USE: The device is intended as an adjuvant treatment of bacterial and fungal infections and/or to prevent irritation and infection.

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