It’s an innovative product for its formulation and its and method of use. It is a vaginal douche ready for use, biphasic, composed of two solutions among them well separated that are released into the vagina, simply by squeezing the bottle. It is first issued the transparent phase to aqueous base with activities detergent, antiseptic and soothing and then the blue phase to gel base that, thanks to the process of bio-adhesion, ensures a uniform and lasting action of the active ingredients of the preparation. It forms a protective film at the level of the vaginal mucosa that exerts a barrier against inflammatory processes, favoring the restoring of lactobacilli in vaginal flora and preventing the proliferation of pathogens.INDICATION FOR USE: For intimate hygiene at the end of the menstrual cycle; in cases of vaginal itching and burning acute; in case of abundant vaginal discharge, as an adjunct in the treatment of vaginal infections of different nature.
It also promotes the cell trophies m and the restoration of normal physiological conditions in women with vaginal dryness and atrophy.

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