Prenius is a dietary supplement containing L-Arginine, willow extract and magnesium, which is useful in the nutritional deficiencies or increased need of these nutrients.







L-Arginine is an amino acid that induces vasodilatation.  The administration of arginine regulates the synthesis of NO by providing beneficial effects to the hypertensive disorders.

The dry extract of willow contains Salicin which is useful for treating muscle spasms. Furthermore Salicin  is transformed into salicylic acid which has anti-platelet properties that determine a blood thinning.

Magnesium is essential for the body’s health because it reduces blood pressure and relaxes muscle cells. Also it contributes to the production of energy and is essential for the balance of the nervous system.

During pregnancy significantly increases the requirement for this mineral.

The magnesium improves the health of the pregnant woman by preventing muscle cramps, by reducing the risk of high blood pressure and by regulating the uterine contraction. In addition,  it prevents the fatigue and weakness for the pregnant women.

Packs of 20 sachets or 40 tablets..

The product does not contain Gluten

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